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can't join server from server browser, but can from console
I'm running srcds on my linux server. It runs fine, friends and other random people join it over the internet just fine. The problem is, my own pc on the local network won't let me join from the server browser. Also if I try to view server info it says "server is not responding".

If however I bring up a console window and use the connect command with the servers address, it connects fine and I can play on the server. Does the server browser not query the server on port 27015? Friends are able to query the info from the server fine, so I'm fairly sure I do have the correct ports opened on the firewall. Just from my local network I can't view the server info, and not being able to view that seems to prevent the server browser from even trying to connect to the server.

A little more detail on the setup, the linux machine running srcds is also my router. It is directly connected to the internet, and to my local network. It acts as the nat router for my local network. Firewall is setup so all traffic is blocked unless the port is specifically allowed. I've opened ports 27000-27019 udp and tcp in trying to get this to work.
Hey Tiver, because your server is directly connected to the internet it will bind to your external IP, because it broadcasts on that IP you will not see it under your LAN tab but under your internet tab (just add your external IP to your favorites).

Oh by the way, superb setup! I run the same setup only with a Windows machine Smile
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