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Clans who want sponsorship
Hello all

A while back we were offering sponsorship to clans and turned out sucessful for the clans that we approved.

This time we intend to offer a bigger ideal offering. intend to offer, a maximum of 5 clans a maxmimum of :

1 public server
1 war server
Fast downloads
subdomain 1 gig web space
1 Voice server.

of the approved clans we approve, they will not pay at all as it is completely a sponsorship programme, this kind of intergration will clearly require forms of criteria from ourselves in order to approve clans.

we are going to be more open minded as before you had to be a clan witha good reputation before hand, now you can apply if you are going to turn out to be a clan. So we are more open.

as there is so much developement on our side as well, applications will be starting from today, and will end roughly in three weeks, even though we offer the packages above, there clan ikons will be on the GSP's front page, linking them to the sub domain, thus greatly increasing there level of memebers, activity and interest.

if any clan is interested in the monster package for nothing in return, or you just have any questions you wish answered please post an email to

please understand that any application that is accepted, the work of the sponsorship will start two weeks from this saturday.

applicational aspects, are left open for the applicants to free speak about what is important to them to tell us.

however, some aspects that are necassery are






what makes your clan so different from the rest :


anyway some aspects there n mind for the applicants, bare in mind the correct emails address's are :

Best regards

You spelt the wrong in the critieria section Smile.
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CLAN LEADERS : Artifex Mortis, Fiwhi


ANY AWARDS / WON : not yet

HOW MANY MEMEBERS : 10 members at the moment (including CL)

what makes your clan so different from the rest : well... its italian! ^^ But seriously speaking we have very promising members, most of which are from clan impact which went inactive in dod 1.3. as for the rest are all very skilled members with a vast experience at the game. Some of our members have won awards at lan parties during the time dod was as its peak, and others have been in clans who turned out 1st 2nd or 3rd in official world dod lan parties (or something like that, I can enquire if really necessary).
Also, we are very well-known players with a good reputation on dod, and finally, we are probably the last remaining active dod 1.3 clan, hence we are willing to keep alive our gaming spirit rather than let it extinguish Smile
There are countless things that make us different from the rest, however there is no point in stating them all, as all you need to do is see our success in the future.

We hope this application was good enough, and please inform us if you need to know anything else.
CLAN NAME= exquisite gaming
CLAN LEADERS= myth and bioman
TIME UP= 1-2months but in no dnager of foldin
AWARDS= None as of yet but sure to soon

I think exquisite gaming is a well repsected cz clan who is currently seeking a sponsor. We have good skill gamers and are willing to advertise the server host etc. In no danger of folding so can be a long term partner, nice bunch of guys play regualryly and very active matches and pub.
artifax mortis, thank you for your application, based on what i have seen and spoken to impact, and more than happy to address a sponsorship deal with mafia clan.

bare in mind a max of three weeks before finalisation, starting of the programme will commence. send an email to, taht way we can keep you upto date, and talk more indepth about what aspects you require most
Hhhhm, we are covered for CS:S servers however we could do with a HUGE community Ventrilo Server.

If this is possible, please reply and I will fill in the application.
Clan of Doom:

SORRY NO, thanks for your interest hazz
CLAN NAME : cza. Condition Zero Allstars

CLAN LEADERS : Dex And Killa

HOW LONG HAS TEH CLAN BEEN UP FOR : 1-2 Months, But Been In Clans Together Before

ANY AWARDS / WON : Currently Not Got Awards As Were Training Before Starting In Leagues


what makes your clan so different from the rest : What makes us different is we have a maximum of 10 players in the clan which helps us work as a team because we work with the same players. We also are a very active clan playing on average 10-15 clan wars a day, and always working on tactics to improve our strategies.

What we Can Offer: We could offer advertisement on:
IRC: #ConditionZeroAllstars
Website: [Currently Under Construction]
Tag: cza. Name []
Friends Names
All League Pages
And any other methods you would like
CLAN NAME : The Other Left .:]TOL[:.

CLAN LEADERS : noffles, DeMz


ANY AWARDS / WON : None yet we started as a comunity only clan


What makes your clan so different from the rest: Our clan was formed purely as large group of friends that are all on the server for one thing... fun.
Now we have been playing for a while and our clan is being recognized our circle of friends is growing and the positive feedback that the clan is getting from the Condition Zero community is overwhelming. So all in all I guess what makes us different from other clans is that we know we are not the best and nor are we trying to be, but we are the friendliest and will always be about to bring back the fun to a game that has become to serious to be played with a smile.
CLAN NAME : Lethal Shot }LS{

CLAN LEADERS : Assmunk and Irsh_kegger

HOW LONG HAS TEH CLAN BEEN UP FOR : about 1 year (but with server problems)


HOW MANY MEMEBERS: at most we have had 20 members currently we have 12

what makes us diiferent from the rest: well i really cant say our clan is much different from any other clan and lieing about it really isnt worth it. i guess you can say that the only difference is that we will allow any one to join no matter how inexperienced you are. also our clan is here just to have fun were not in it for cal or anything we find that meaningless
[Image: 3386928252.png]
DEX thank you for your application, will speak to you in steam about a sponsorship status

ASSMUNK can you please post that application copy and paste it to


will get in contact with you from there.

for everyone else, 1 has already been secured.
please do not hesitate to contat me over steam (add me at assmunk) or over x-fire (hardtobealive)


did you recive my email because i still have not been contated back
[Image: 3386928252.png]
yes we haev recieved it, we haev alot of applications to go through, and everything is been pushed up from 3 weeks to next week,

2 out of 5 spaces are definately taken so far.
question, what are the specs of the servers that you host off of?
[Image: 3386928252.png]
quad xeons, 4 gig ddr,

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