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rpg and dm
I tried to install both RPG and Deathmatch on the server. When I join the server it just crashes. The server gives me this [Image: errorsteammaterial.jpg]

Can someone tell me how to fix?

I'm reinstalling the whole server right now to try to fix.
maby RPG and DM dont like each other?
Try insted of using DM get a similar script for eventscripts
~ trewq
like what? give me a link please.
here's a link:
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Drocona Wrote:here's a link:

Haha, n1.

Well i can tell you that i had the same problem(With a windows server)

It's the RPG, that crashes the server when somebody joins it..

As you see on their Website:

Quote:I'm sure you've all noticed how updates to CSS:RPG have become slower and slower. Unfortunately this is just due to the fact that I've become increasingly busy with school and even more recently a new full-time job. I'm looking for any volunteers who would be interested in taking on some responsibility of progressing CSS:RPG. This doesn't mean I'm leaving the scene or CSS:RPG to its own fate. I'll still continue to put in as much work as I can, but currently I don't have enough time to pump out new updates.

The Windows version doesn't work, AFTER the last Valve Update.

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