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Run a list of commands at map/server start
Hey everyone,
Is there a way to run a bunch of commands at the start of a map via RCON?

I have about 20 lines to enter each time the server reboots, and I want to simplify the process by using a script or something.
I'm currently adding a bunch of bots into a server and changing a few cvars. Any way to automate it?

And does changing maps/rebooting the server clear the old cvars or are they saved somewhere across sessions?

I tried searching for it, but I couldn't find squat.
putting your commands in server.cfg doesnt work?
I didn't think it could run through a list of them in there.

Here's an example:

sv_cheats 1
-bot -team red -class scout -name "Scout"
sv_cheats 0
sm_cvar (insertcvarhere)

Would that work in the server.cfg?
oh for tf2.... never tried it.

give it a go and see what happens.
Anything you can type in the console can be entered in the server.cfg

What you can do also is add them to a second file (mapstuff.cfg for example) then rcon exec mapstuff.cfg if it's map specific.
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Thanks! That worked perfectly.

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