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Guide to a 1000FPS Server on XP/SERVER2003
Okay first of all i want to tell all of you this is best done when you first install so i will tell you both ways.

XP/SERVER2003 "Already Installed"
Just Follow these steps in order
*Doing this with a dual and*
*quad core will only rendor*
*****one core usefull.****

1. Click on your start menu then locate "My Computer".
2. Right Click on "My Computer" and click properties.
3. Now select the "Hardware" tab at the top.
4. Now click on "Device Manager"
5. Now expand the first tab "You PC" if not to show all hardware.
6. Now expand the Computer Tab and "ACPI Mutli,Single processor PC" will appear.
7. Right Click on this and choose update driver.
8. Select "Yes, this time only", and click next.
9. Now you will choose "Install from a specific location (Advanced), and click next.
10. Now select "Don't Search. I will Choose the driver to install.", and click next.
11. Now choose "Standard PC" , and click Next.
12. Now add +fps_max 0 to the command line.
13. Now you will need to choose to use Windows Media Player or Whatever you may choose. I use srcdsfpsboost, and set your server to High Priority, and it should idle at around 990-1000 FPS.


Just in case your doing a fresh install of windows, when you have the option to press F6 to specify addtional drivers, TAP F5 and choose "Standard PC" there too. can be download here.

If you need any more information please send me a PM.
dang... only if it could work with all cores.
Sorry man thats the best i got for you now.
I replaced the rapidshare link with the link to the srcdsfpsboost program located on these forums already Smile
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Nice, but I have a Quad Core Sad
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Thanks, for change the link change i just uploaded for ease.

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