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Slots Per Core Calculation?
I was wondering if someone could tell me how many slots 2 x Quad Core Intel Xeon E5405, 2x6MB Cache, 2.0GHz, 1333MHz FSB can hold w/ 8 GB RAM?

2 x means that two of those processors will be put in.
i dont think multiple procs is gonna do much, SRCDS is only single core optimized (at least, at GMOD it IS.)
I think he is asking how many total slots that server could hold.
I would say with that server you should be able to hold at least 200 slots.
depending on what game the 200 I said would be with CSS
Not sure how many tf2 slots you would be able to hold.
200 at 100tic? I was thinking more of 50/100tic per core for 8 cores?

Oh well
Well myself, I run a dual quad core E5440. I only run a 24 slot and sometimes a private 10man server on it.
You said e5405 2.0ghz I would 25-32 slots at 100tick I would go max.
Mines 2.83ghz said to hold from 200-400 slots. I think max I would ever put on is 150 I'm sure you could put 50 on per core I would not say it would always run nice when full. Also what mods things like that will change things as well. Also the bandwidth for the slots I'm sure you know about that.
Bandwidth is fine, I need CPU power though.

What would be a good CPU to host CS:S servers on. I mean good price and a lot of slots?
Q6600 offers great price to slot ratio, but there might be cheaper ones around these days.
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What if we got two of the Intel Xeon E5420 Harpertown 2.5GHz

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