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mani admin plugin help (CS:S)
right now the mani_admin site is down so i download the version off of this fourm: and when i start my server it says:

Failed to load servergamedll interface
Failed to load plugin "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"

i updated my srcds and it still doesnt work i extracted everything where it was suppost to go, but if it helps D:/srcds/cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin has nothing in it except a "bin" folder, witch contains nothing so both these folders contain nothing:

i have no idea whats wrong, any help would be appreciated.
if anyone has one of the newer version, please link me!

may i add, that i have NO mods and or plugins other than the mani_admin_plugin i have no AMX X or meta, nothing.
The one with nothing other than a bin is the metamod version.

also, that thread is OLD, it's in the archives it's been replaced at least once already, same goes for the download. I'd just wait for mani to come back online and get the latest version, chances the one above will work in a correct configuration are real small.
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alright, thanks.

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