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Dedicated Server Crashes imediately upon start after mani install
I started running a dedicated server, and for a little while I have been trying to install mani admin. Now I downloaded the newest files and created the vdf again (already added the exec part to the server.cfg file) and now the server crashes right after I click start in the start dedicated server box. If I delete the vdf I can star the server, but no mani admin. It still crashes if I disable valve anti-cheat.

Quote:The instruction at "0x13333f26 referenced memory at 0x13d80054. The memory could not be "read".

The error varies each time but its always similar to that. It sounds like a memory leak but I don't know how to correct that. Other people seem to do fine with this version of mani. Any ideas? Thanks.
The memory crash means that it's probably a plug in issue. Are you using the correct version? the most recent version?
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If you are using the newest version and it crashes, try to use 1.2o
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What game?
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i had it to you have to download an older version of mani admin plugin - game forum.

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