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The PhoenixRealm Server Contest
PLEASE read ALL of this post BEFORE posting any questions. Thanks.

Ok all you clans out there not able to pay for a server, but need somewhere to play. I am going to hold a contest for a free 18 slot Counter-Strike: Source server. Below you will find the Where, Why, How and Who.

WHERE: The PhoenixRealm #2 Clan contest @ AND
The PhoenixRealm 24/7 Dust/Office/Italy -BOF- @

LOCATION: The server is located in Dallas, TX in the colo4dallas facility.

WHY: I am currently holding this contest because I have extra server space not in use and want to pass it on to a clan in need.

WHO can enter: Any clan with over 4 members.

HOW to enter:
1. Go to and under the clan contest category create a post ANYTIME during the contest duration with your clan's name, the clan's leader, and MOST IMPORTANT an email where someone from the clan can be contacted.
2. Your clan must then log into ANY server above and play.
3. The contest will last for 2 (TWO!) weeks starting today: April 13, 2005.
4. Once the contest ends I will take into account the following things: What clan played the most, how many members from that clan played, and their attitude toward other players.
5. Using the server logs, from those 3 categories combined I will choose a winner. Some categories will be more important then others but it will not be revealed which.
6. The winner will be notified by email. (this is why it needs to be correct in your post!)
7. The winner must then respond to the email within NO MORE than 48 hours! If they do not the next clan will be chosen and emailed.
8. The winners will receive an 18 slot server for free. However, there are conditions to the free server which are defined below.

Conditions of the free server:
1. You will have total control of the server. You will be given rcon access as well as mani_admin access to do whatever you please.
2. You WILL NOT be given FTP access to the server directory(s) for security reasons. Therefore, if you want a custom map/config changed/added/modified or anything else done to the server you can email it to me and I will add it.
3. Your free server will remain active for as long as I can afford the colo bill. (which will be a pretty long time)
4. I DO reserve the right to take the server down at any time that I deem necessary for any reason I choose be it hardware upgrades, server maintenance, or any other unknown reason that may arise.
5. I ALSO reserve the right to refuse any configuration change that may harm, slow, affect the server in a negative way.

The free server will be the same 18 slot that you will be playing on during the contest. The 24 person server is my own and will be located on the same box. Both server were posted in case on is full. No other server will be hosted on the box so you don't have to worry about it being slow. If you have any questions you may email me at alliedr@***REMOVE THIS*** or you can post on my forums located at

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