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Maximum number of servers per IP
Hello, (sorry for english mistakes, not my main language)

Is there a limit on the number of servers I can run in each IP?

I work with srcds since January 2006, so I already know how this stuff works. Last month I moved my servers to a new data center, and now I have fewer IPs.

When I try to run 11 servers on same IP, one of them doenst load and shows the pessage "Couldn't allocate dedicated SourceTV UDP port". It is random, the last server to start up doesnt load.

I usually use ports 27030, 27035, 27040 ... and so on. I have tried another ports 260XX, I tried using tv_enable 0 on all servers, I tried using tv_port XXXX on all servers. I don't use -ip commando beacuse I have only one IP. I don't use firewall or router.

Anyone know what the problem is, and how to fix it?

Thank you very much.
Well you should be able to use as many servers as their are ports but its not like that try seperating the ports by 10 numbers so 27015, 27025, 27035
~ trewq
Thank you for your help, but it didn't work.

I managed to get a new IP, and it seems there is a limit of 10 servers for each IP. Try to put 11 on the same IP and one of them won't work Toungue

Just add a new IP and the command -ip and it works without problems.
Thats strange that should have worked
~ trewq
It's a broadcasting problem of which I still haven't found out what's causing it. A few years back I had this with 5 servers running fine, when I add #6, it doesn't show up in the list (it does run though)
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