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Two players cannot connect at same time.
Hey there, I have a few players who are not able to play when their Wife is on my server. I think it's just their router settings if I am right.
I know others are able to join on the same network, if anyone knows the settings for this that would be great.
Thanks Jake.
They are probably trying to connect through the same port, not sure what the command is for the client but I'm sure you can set the port on the client too.
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I tried adding +port <port> to my tf2 command line, but sometimes when my brother and I are in the same server, we still get booted out.
Write "clientport 61616" in your config.cfg. Note, the port doesn't change if you write it in the game console. It's got to be written in config.cfg (or maybe +clientport 616161 startup parameter).

If you've got logging enabled or you have chance to see the game console, you should see the client port number after the IP address.

You can verify that the port number changed correctly by writing "clientport" in console. The output says what port it'll use.
Isnt this caused by a Mani Mod setting which boots users who have identical IP addresses?
iliketohostservers Wrote:Isnt this caused by a Mani Mod setting which boots users who have identical IP addresses?

I was going to suggest that as well.
It can also be cause by the two clients using the same Steam account.
No it's nothing with mani it's turned off I also have other players that their Wife and him are able to play just the few odd people it does not let.
Oh well. Sad

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