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i have made a cfg that i can execute that says things during a game. and im just wondering is there any way i can get it to play an mp3 when i execute the file. if there is what do i add to the cfg file
I think you would need a mod to give you a command to run an MP3 files.
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would you what sort of mod i might be looking at
something like mani admin plugin can play sounds, then just enter the command what sound to play in the .cfg you execute
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eventscripts, you can make a command that plays a selected song, if eg. Someone does something, like:

event player_jump
   // The command to that player who do the "jump"
   // I dont remember the right command, but i'll fix it if you need!
   es_emitsound event_var(userid) "sounds/admin_plugin/actions/jump.mp3"
   // Or you can play the sound to everyone
   ma_playsound #all sounds/admin_plugin/actions/jump.mp3
   // And i still dont remember the right command, but i'll find it, just say if you need it!
what line would i have to put in the cfg file

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