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XONE-Gaming UK Host
We have been established since last year (August 07) so we must be doing something right? We currently offer game servers, ventrilo servers and dedicated servers (Sending a Q9300 8GB ram box for webhosting soon!). We have a strong reputation for quality war servers in counter-strike source. Our new 1000FPS range seems to be working very nicely.

At the current time we have 7 dedicated servers. The specs range from:

Intel Q6600 - Q9300
3GB DDR2-PC6400 - 8GB DDR2-PC6400
160GB - 500GB HDD's

We are located in IPHouse & BlueSquare 1 (Getting 11u of space in BlueSquare 3 soon)

We have also just got our basic setup of our new site uploaded (which isnt completed)

Would like a couple of views on it :] so far im aiming to get some brighter content on it for people with horrid CRT's

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