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How to show where players have connected from
Hey I have been on some servers that show when and where a player connects from in text is this a mod? Where can i get this for my server.
what game are you running on the server?
~ trewq
It's a plugin based on GeoIP, not sure what the exact name is.
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It's called Country Filter plugin.

You can use the original plugin at Other option is to use the ported MetaMod version at

I'm not sure if the MetaMod version can announce the country where the players connect, but I'd guess so, because all its features are copied from the original Guwashi's Country Filter plugin. MetaMod version may work better with the newest Source engines.
Wow thanks man thats exactly what i was looking for I couldn't find the download for the metamod version but oh well.
There is a Sourcemod plugin that does this:

And there are some Eventscripts that do it also:

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