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Setting up a TF2 server
I have been trying to host a server with the Steam "Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server" Tool. I did host a CS 1.6 clan server using a Steam Dedicated server, and that worked fine. This TF2 server is only showing up under the LAN tab when I start the game, but I have the server network set to "Internet". So I was wondering what I have to do to have this server show up on the master server list so everyone can play on it. Do I need AMX mod, and or Meta Mod, or some sort of dll and or plugin to make this server a public internet server instead of a LAN server? Does anyone have any actual experiance in doing this, and if you do I would really appreciate some help.
Please read the FAQ on port forwarding, please use the search and please post in the correct section Smile
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