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100TICK Not being achieved
I run a GSP and have bumped into a problem. My clients have 100tick servers but it appears, when standing still (on an empty server) - netgraph shows In and Out around 66 (well, 63 to be more precise). I have checked and double checked the following:

1. -tickrate 100 in command line.
2. Srcds FPS boost is running and all servers have 512FPS.
3. My client rates are correct.
4. Server rates are correct.

Is 100in and 100out ever actually achieved or is it a theoretical thing?

This is a Windows Server 2003 machine.


sv_maxcmdrate 100
sv_maxupdaterate 100

Make sure client rates are set correctly for 100 tick server too.

cl_cmdrate 100
cl_updaterate 100
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Its CSS and as mantioned server rates and client rates are correct.
Is there enough free bandwidth?
Is there choke?
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No choke and plenty of bandwith (100MBit connection).

BTW, at first I was looking at the wrong values. We have 100out and 63/64 in (k/s).

So IN is still wrong.
From what I experienced, I had to run windows media player in the background to achieve decent 100 tick.

It has finally been fixed. I changed the core affinity in TCADMIN and it randomly went up (and this isnt because of a performance increase because CPU usage was <5% anyway). Even on server that I didn't change the affinity on (?!).

It seems to have just been some kind of glitch.

Thanks for your help.

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