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I want to buy a server, Questions.
Well, I just wanted to hear from you guys about server choices.

1) where should i buy from?

2) i'm looking to spend from $200-$800, is this possible?

3) i'm looking for a linux server

4) i want a good quality server, if possible.

5) I want to run atleast 2 CSS Servers off this.

Thanks in adnvance Wink
Okay, so let me get this straight. You want to buy a server, and by server i'm assuming the physical server, and not a game server. And you want to spend $200-$800. Well in short, yes thats possible, but you are going to have to pay something monthly to have this server hosted in a datacenter. Unless you have some uber connection that I don't know about Toungue Get yourself a decent core2duo and you should be able to run 2 servers no problem. I would just newegg it and colocate it with a company.
Alright thanks Wink Yeah i know it's kinda cheap.. but yeah, and how much does it cost a month to be at a datacenter?
That depends on the location really, some are cheaper than others.
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that and it depends on who you go with. different providers will have different networks, and some networks are better than others. Also varies what services they offer. Like if they offer remote reboot and stuff like that.
Alright thanks for all your help guys Wink
From my looking around on colocation most are around 75$ a month with 1mpbs connection then something like 30-150$ per mbps 150$ was for something stupid though you should be able to get it for around 30 at least that cheap in seattle area if you're lucky. Not sure costs in other places.
If it's just for a clan thing for only 2 servers it would not be worth your time and money in my mind, if you're getting more then the two servers get a dedicated. Q6600 is pretty nice.
ok some good servers i know about are like (really great relyable servers) and dchservers (real cheap like 1$ a slot for 33 66 100 tick servers all 1$ a slot)

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