SRCDS Steam group Premium Hosting

The most knowledgeable FULL-TIME staff with over 6 years of HLDS/SRCDS experience total!

-Dual Pentium 4 Xeon 2.8GHz Processors
-4GB ECC Registered RAM
-Dual SCSI HDD's (SRCD's and HLDS's split)
-13gigE connections to 10 major backbone providers

Unique Features:
Web based control panel: Edit files ONLINE
FakeFull/Redirect servers: ALWAYS a full server!
Optional admin staff protection
Hacker STEAMID database: Protect your server from over 6,276 known hackers not yet caught by VAC!
Talk to HUMANS for tech support with 8 different ways to contact us!

Limited Time:
Get a FREE 12 player private server when you purchase a 20 player public server or higher! Perfect to start your own Source community!

All servers come with:
-TeamSpeak Voice Server
-HLTV (HLDS games only currently)
-Choice of ANY mods (AMX, AMXx, AdminMod)
-Optional webhosting package

What are people saying about us?:
"These guys are ALWAYS around to answer my questions. There is no question they cannot answer concerning CS: Source..."

"My server is ranked #56 in the world on thanks to the FakeFull/Redirect server!..."

"My Source server is protected from cheaters and hackers 24/7 with's #3 ranking on Their admin staff constantly police my server for hackers and rule breakers and make my server popular! My last gameserver was always empty and no fun, but now we have a regular crowd!..."

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