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I have been here before, but I thought I would advertise for my clan. We have been around for around a year now, and going stronger than ever. We have been through some changes and have had to deal with growing pains, but I think we are doing alright all things considered.

Website -

We just redid the whole site and made it a bit more awesome. We run an office server that is ranked in the 97th percentile on gametracker, and we are getting going with a Dust2 server (it getting going, showing the same signs of growth as our office server did). We have around 45 members and we encourage all members to be active in the forums as we post a lot of info in them.

Check us out, and join our servers. Tell me what you think of the site!
Nice website!
realchamp Wrote:
Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
Mooga Wrote:OrangeBox is a WHORE.
Thanks Spartan! I trust your judgment!


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