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Installing HLstatsX Help
Does anyone how to install HLstatsx on a server? I already looked at the website on how to install, but it's confusing. Stuff like creating a database...

Can someone explain how to install in simple terms. The guide at their website seems unorganized. It explains several things at once.

I'm trying to run hlstatsx from the root of the server.

I'm using wamp server. Perl is already installed. The game server and the wamp server is in the same location.

Installing PsychoStats was easier, but I want to use HLstatsX.
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I don't see how that install page looks confusing, it simply lists steps, follow the steps and you are done.

That's pretty much the easiest way you're going to get.
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I've posted a simple guide to installing HlstatsX under Wamp here: which might be of some help. There are a couple of ommissions in the offical Hlstatsx installation walkthrough, and I agree, it can be a little confusing as well Wink

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