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DataTable warning CPU Spiking
DataTable warning: player: Out-of-range value

Getting the Error in a TF2 server and this is causing MASIVE CPU spiking, causes isues in every server on the box.

No im not running surf maps and it seems to happen on the stalk maps and in different game servers not just 1. It seems to happen after player X joins the server.

[Image: twlsig.jpg]
I don't think this error does anything other than spam the console, I have it on all my 5 servers and they run perfectly fine.

Have you tried looking at other options that can cause lag?
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yeah, the Second that this happens the CPU goes wacky and as soon as i kill the game server, it goes right back to normal

Dedicated is a Quadcore 6600 4gigs ram and Normal CPU is 30%ish and when the warning starts its spikes 60-100% the second i kill the affected game server its nomalizes.

Also noticed and will have to test more, player X seams to cause this probelm. When player X joins the problem starts and when player X leaves it nomalizes. (this is not 100% but a theory from gathered data)
[Image: twlsig.jpg]

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