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How many slots on dual xeon 2.8Ghz??
Sorry I know this gets asked a lot.. However many of you are talking about new systems and mine is a little older. Anyway I would like to run one 32 slot CSS and one 32 slot TF2. Well a dual 2.8Ghz xeon with 1GB of RAM be able to sustain this? The server will also be running a website. Also it will have Centos 5.x running. Also do you think 1TB of bandwidth a month will be enough for the two games?

After looking around 64 total slots on this hardware seems a little to much. Could it handle two 24 slot servers? Also I would like it to be running at 66tick

Don't know about the TF2, CSS should hold 24 at 66 tickrate.
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I have a Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz and it's running three servers. The main deathmatch (32 slot 66tick) server is set to CPU1 while everything else (along with the two match servers) is set to CPU0.

Minimal lag, it mainly happens when lots of people are talking over voice when more than 28 people are in the server. I'm also running Mani, MM:S, SM and ES which lag servers up hard.

I'm also going to be adding another server in the next couple of days as a trial. If I remember (really busy with work, sorry!) I'll come back and let you know how it goes.
You should be able to run that just fine.

I would definitely recommend disabling Hyper-Threading on those CPU's then potentially forcing affinity.
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Hey thanks for the info guys.. Well after I puchased the server I was looking around when it started to seem slower then it should be and after diging I realized that it was in fact a vps even thought they advertised it to be dedicated.. I was so mad. So because this is more of a hobby and I am not willing to spend a lot per month on it here are the new specs of my server. It is a p4 2.6GHZ 512MB of RAM. Do you think this would be able to run a 24 slot css server? Also could it run a 24 slot tf2? not at the same time of course..

Also is it a respectable test to keep adding bots and watching the cpu usage? I realize this has nothing it do with the bandwidth aspect but to see what the server itself can handle will running a bunch of bots relate well to if they were actual people logging in?


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