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antivirus blocking server - alternatives?
Hey all,
I have been trying to host a server for sometime, however it never seemed to respond to any of my friends trying to join. I read on the topic recently that the problem may be with my anti-virus (Nod32). The article (which i lost but it was on the steam support site) detailed serveral anti-viruses known to block servers. So does anyone have any recommendations on a good anti-virus to use for an xp pro pc?

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Are you sure though that its your A/V causing the issue?
You may just want to drop it for a few minutes, start your SRCDS and see if your friends can join.
If they can't, its not your A/V causing the issue - if they can join, then ok - change the A/V.

Could try AVG ( as a free one.
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sounds reasonable enough, although AVG was just as guilty according to the article(?)

Ok I'll try it later today, thankyou Wozzer
Whats a Golfers favourite letter?

I doubt your virusscanner will do any harm, you can always try though.

I'd be looking into the router, that's if you have one of course.
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Ist usualy the router or another firewall that cause the problems. Take a look at, find your router and the port you want to forward (27015) and go through the tutorial at the site.
NOD32 works great, shouldn't be blocking.
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