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Mani Admin Plugin wont work !! please help !!
I have metamod:source 1.4.3 on my server it works but then i install map as in Dracona Tutorial i got map 1_2 beta from map site then i put 4 folders in my SRCDS\cstrike folder then i use first method Loading through Metamod:Source i put line (Mani addons/mani_admin_plugin/bin/mani_admin_plugin_mm) under ;********* LIST PLUGINS BELOW *********** in the metaplugins.ini then i put exec mani_server.cfg in the server.cfg it looks like this : // execute ban files
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg
exec mani_server.cfg and then i start server green window shows then i press start and it says error loading srcds aplication error and it wont work i try to use second method with vdf and it still show same thing but before installin map it was workin perfectly.... PLEASE HELP !!

aww and yea my meta mod runs not throu gameinfo it runs throu addons/metamod vdf

and sry for my bad english
Try an older version if it crashes, in this case mani 1.2o seems to work for quite a few people. (look in the mani admin FAQ to find where you can download older versions)
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Might be silly asking, but did you accidentally download the orangebox version?

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