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Clan members wanted, no, NEEDED!!
Hi there good people of SRCDS.
I have been in the comercial pit before, as some may recall, touting FTW-Hosting. Unfortunately that went down the pan when the web designer failed to deliver on time (and what he did do was an offence to the senses).

Anyway introduction done. I am here to promote my new Steam Community/Clan "The Stoned Potatoes". Our main game is Garrys Mod 10, mainly due to all the sub-games we have to choose from, however anything source based is a hit with us (cs:s GunGame :p ).

Ok, we are looking for new members who, more than anything, are willing to put some time in crafting this community. I myself have had a crash course in PHP, HTML, SQL and Lua over the past few weeks as we have sought to improve our infrastructure.

Any experience with invision powerboard would be a God send as would any lua experience (havin a hell of a time trying to put ironsights back into Jetboom's Zombie survival). Even if you dont have any experience thats no problem as there are many areas that people can contribute.

So I feel I have digressed enough for one thread. If you would like to give us a knock our details are as follows:

Steam Community: Community
Servers: Gmod Zombie survival CS:S GunGame
Teamspeak: Will not be giving this out here Smile

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