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I registered #tf2servers on to offer support to anyone that needs it, but this is available to any SRCDS operators that need help, I just specified TF2 as that is what I am most experienced with. I do need other Server OPs to help with answering questions and what not if anyones interested.

So if you have srcds questions, wether it TF2, CSS, whatever, come on in and I will attempt to help.

This ideas btw was inspired by me sitting in the IRC Channel giving 10-30 srcds operators a day support with their servers for a company thats supposed to be great.
thanks for the notification. ill be sure to drop by if, when i need help Smile

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Maybe it's an idea to make one general IRC channel like #srcds or something, as an addition to the srcds steam community and these forums. I was thinking about this a while ago but never got to it really.
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There's allready #hlserveradmins on gamesurge......
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