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Few questions :)
Yo peeps Cool

I have a few questions for you to help me out with.....

This is for Windows Server 2003 btw.

1) I was wondering, if I'm running a few servers off a box in a datacentre, will it be ok to have the download url on the same machine and have downloads with a website and forum on there?

2) I want to monitor my CPU usage and it needs to be able log it in some form so I can look at it later, any programs out there?

3) Is there anything I can do to optimize windows server 2003? I noticed in the system bit, it sets itself to use more processor for background services, should this be set to programs? (I have SRCDS running as services)

Thanks once again for the help guys <3
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1) It's not recommended but it's totally possible, just make sure you limit the maximum transfer rate on the webserver so it can never use the bandwidth the gameservers need. (example: total bandwidth 10mbit - gameserver bandwidth 4mbit = 6 mbit left for the downloads.)

2. I think I've seen some but not sure what their names are or anything...

3. Just disable all services you do NOT need, cores don't matter much, just be sure srcds is assigned to 1 instead of all.
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I wouldn't recommend using your game server to host your primary site...

Not sure of any apps to monitor resource usage nicely that are freely available, I coded my own which logs to a mysql database every 5 mins... Allowing for easy resource stats generation on a webpage...

I have more CPU time scheduled for background processes...
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windows has performance monitor built it, you can save to logs and look at them later.
Hazz, i have some webspace you can use for your redirect Big Grin
Thanks for all the replies!

Thanks for the web space offer but I already have some web space, so I guess I'll use that Rolleyes
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