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Internet Wont Work!!!
K, so I have been working on this TF2 server for a while. I have all the ports forwarded. But I still get this problem when my pals are trying to connect via Internet thru Steam or TF2 In-Game (LAN works great)

I gave them the IP of the server, they added it to their favs but all it shows is like...
Server Name Players: 0/0 Ping: 2000

How can I fix this so I can get my game on?! Cool

Proof of the ports:
I have attached an image from my router (my forward table is a mess, but you can see that all the ports needed are forwarded and active)
[server ip is]

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If it doesn't work try to add just 27015 UDP and 27011 UDP instead of full port ranges.

What else you can do:
search one of my hundreds of posts on routers and port forwarding.
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And remember to give them your external IP which you can find at .
2703-27039 is forwarded twice. Fix that, your router wont like that... it'll get confused.

27015 is also forwarded twice.
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Seems alot more complicated than it should be.
Instead of a bunch of different routes, just forward 27000 - 27039, Both, to

Usually you only need to forward the one port that the server is running on (default is 27015).

Make sure you are giving them your external IP as mentioned above ( is a private lan address and will not work outside of your lan). Also, try having them connect by opening the console with the ~ key(Enable in options>keyboard>advanced) and just typing in "connect ***.***.***.***:27015" without quotes, and replacing the *'s with your external IP. Also, you can drop the ":27015" part if you are running on the default port (27015). If this still does not work, try a totaly different port (in the range of 10000 - 65535). It's possible your ISP could be blocking the 270XX range.

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