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Pings go mad
For some random reason, on our dedi box on all our servers the pings spike up to about 100 - 300. It does this about twice a day......

This box is hosted on Killer Creations network and the box has the following specs:

Q6600 2.4Ghz
4GB DDR2 ram
Windows server 2003
WD 74GB 10k rpm drive

When this happens the CPU usuage is only at about 30 - 40%....

Whats going on? Is there something random going on with SRCDS?
Clan of Doom:

Sounds like network connectivity issues, try talking to your network providor.
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hello, i am the host of the box. I very much doubt its the network. As all of our other boxes on the same rack/network are perfectly fine. All i can put it down to is maybe the mods on the server may be having random cpu usage spikes which makes generally does make the ping go up. All i could say is try and lower the server fps to 256 on the servers.
I'd go with what drazah said here, check what mods you have running etc.

If you really like to check the network, do a traceroute/ping and see what and if there's any loss or bad hops, but I don't expect the problem to be there.
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