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Failed to load the launcher DLL: The specificed procedure could not be found.
Can someone help me? I installed srcds and it is going to be for TF2. I'm able to download everything, but it always says whenever I try to launch server...

failed to load the launcher DLL:
The specified procedure could not be found.

I've already seen the other threads saying that steam.dll might be missing but it's not for me. That file is present in bin. I tried deleting it and reinstalling but no luck same error whenever I launch. I use serverchecker to launch it. I've clicked the hldsupdater.exe tool several times already.

I already tried -verify_all in the hldsupdater.exe tool, but no luck being able to launch it successful. I already have a server.cfg in orangebox/tf/cfg folder. I've already reinstalled TF2 from scratch like three times. I have srcds for css installed too but they haven't caused any problems for me. When I decided to set up a TF2 server, it shows that dang error always now. The srcds is in separate folders from other servers that I made. I don't combine any servers. It's been a pain the ass trying to get it to I decided to ask for help.Toungue
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Re a full re-install.
And is it safe to assume that you are not playing on the same computer and that you are NOT using the steam version?
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I download tf2 dedicated server from steam and tried to run it but got the same damn error. I don't have the tf2, the game, installed....I just want to run a tf2 server but it's always the same error. Even if I download using the hldsupdate.exe or get the one from steam. Been trying to figure it out or tried googling, but no luck. I tested on another computer and it worked fine. Started from scratch on another computer and it worked but when I transported the files to this computer...I get that error for some reason. Anyone have any idea what could cause this error to happen or know anyone that has solved this. Do I need to replace files and copy and replace or something. I've already reinstalled several has to be something with steam or something else.
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Sorry for double post, but does anyone have any idea that could cause that error to happen. I've already reinstalled several times. I installed a tf2 srcds on another computer and it worked there fine. But on this computer, it always shows the error. Can someone explain what could cause this. I'm not playing on the same computer....and besides it doesn't affect the srcds. I downloaded srcds on a computer that I used to play and starting the server worked fine. I'm using vista ulimate by the way. I already have other srcds installed...for a css server...but when I try to setup a tf2 srcds...I can't launch at all. I have all the necessary files because I transported it from another computer where it worked fine. It has to be something with some file or something. Been looking everywhere.
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Well I'm not sure what it could be, all I can tell you up to this point I've installed over 200 SRCDS' and they all worked first run so you probably did something wrong, no idea what it could be.
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