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Port Changes When i restart .
Hello , I have a Srcds Windows server . working fine but when i restart the server the UDP port changes :S , in my router is the 27015 port open :S , and tha port is correct on te lan ip but not on the internet ip . Can some1 help me? Sad plzz Thanks .
Bad router configuration, triple check.

Search one of my posts in previous threads like these and you'll see what is within your possibilities.
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do you have -port in your startup line?
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How can i Check that then :S
Mooga Wrote:do you have -port in your startup line?

Yes i have the port 27015 . but its only stays on the lan ip not the internet ip :S
Do you have sv_lan 0 in your server.cfg?
Lyoko is Cool Wrote:Do you have sv_lan 0 in your server.cfg?

yes i have it . i have bin too meny forums and no one have a clue what too do Sad
Whats your router?
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Spartanfrog Wrote:Whats your router?

what do you mean whats? :S

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