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Problem when Starting SRCDS

I have a problem, when i try to start SRCDS through the EXE, or with run. Whenever i do, i get this error:
[Image: srcerrorag8.png]

can anyone please help me?

I am runnung Windows XP, not Vista
If you are trying to run the SRCDS on the same machine as you play:
You can NOT.

If it's on a dedicated server:
update the SRCDS with -verify_all
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Actually you can play on the same computer as the just need to set the launch options for the game that you will play. For example, counter-strike source....I just need to go to the launch options for it and add +clientport XXXXX Use from "27005-27032" but do not use is used by hltv. After you have the clientport just need to launch server first then start your game. You should be able to connect to your own server along with other servers. A lot people say you can't actually can play on the same computer. I've tested it many times. The thing I've been trying to figure out is trying successfully to launch multiple srcds on one computer behind a router using one ip but different ports. I made a topic about it but no responses for it.

If your server has that erorr...just add -verify_all in your hldsupdater.eve tool and launch it. If it does it just need to do again until it works.
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