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Are there Admin Tools For TF2?
Just wondering if there are Are there Admin Tools For TF2. Im A nOOb Admin for TF2 and just trying to learn this Admin for TF2. IE: UT3 WebAdmin ( html progie ) Halo had only console commands ( that really sucked ) Tribes and Tribes 2 had In game Admin options. So I am hoping that TF2 will have some type of Admin Tools

Thanks in advance
Beetlesmod, mani admin plugin.

Check those 2 out. (addons, ingame)

Or use the Remote Console (RCon) protocol, is made easy with HLSW.
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For TF2 there are mostly INGAME mods.
The Main 3 (Drocona hit 2) are Beetlesmod, Mani, and Source Mod.

For out of game you are stuck with HLSW.

For better and worse, there is no web admin built in like UT has it. There are some free ones, but I'm not sure how good they are and if they are worth it.
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