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hl2mp dedicated questions
Hey guys,

I've got a supermicro server that I have been using as a hl2mp dedicated server for a couple weeks and after looking through this forum I've found I still have a few questions. Below are my computer details and some questions:

Microsoft Windows 2008 Enterprise - running SRCDS w/ MAP & MMS
Supermicro Dual Xeon 1.8GHz HT (2 physical processors, not cores)
2GB 667 ECC Ram
Bandwidth speed tests say I get on average 22Mb down and almost 2Mb up.

- My tickrate is 66 and i dont understand I know thats the default but what is a tickrate and should I change it?

- How do I see my servers FPS and other gameplay performance - how can I change or optimize the different forms of performance?

- When I start Source Dedicated Server it never allows me to change the map (the dropdown is grey and un-clickable). I can only change the map once running. How can I enable that drop down or at least change the default map?

- There are certain settings I run on my server for gameplay such as sv_gravity 125- how can I start my server with these settings as default so I dont have to run commands after start? Is there a cfg file I can edit or is it the variables after the .exe?

- I use HSLW to monitor and maintain my game server, is there any application available that is more specific to managing hl2mp game servers? any advice on hslw for a noob already using it?

- Where can I find hl2mp specific add ons? I run mani admin plugin (latest version) and wonder where I can find cool plug-ins for it - more advanced ranking and other more advanced features.

Sorry for the blast of questions and I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
- standard tickrate of HL2DM is 20. You can set it by adding "-tickrate <#here>" to the commandline.
- to see server statistics like FPS and bandwidth type "stats" in the console or through rcon on the client.
- don't run GUI I have no idea how it works, console runs way better (add -console to the commandline).
- open up your server.cfg in the SRCDS\hl2mp\cfg folder and add "sv_gravity 125" on a blank line, if you don't have it make it.
- I hardly use programs for RCon, no idea if there are any others.
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The key to HLSW is just to get comfortable with the commands.
Also, you need to forward the right port from your router to your computer so that you can get sent the logs.
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Wow thank you very much!!

What add-ons for hl2mp specifically running MAP, MMS and SM would you recommend? I am interested in more admin functionality, ranking, etc...

Thanks again!
If you install MMS and run MAP on it you should have everything you need from voting and admins to stats and sounds.

I've written a tutorial on it in the tutorials section might you wonder how.
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