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Cant tur on my CSS Dedicated server
Problem: When i run srcds, it opens a console but it stops at ''Executing dedicated server config files" and i have been waiting for 2h but nothing has happened. can u tell me whats the problem? I tried it on XP (second computer) and it runned perfectly...

CPU 2gbram win VISTA
try running hldsupdatetool with verify_all.
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Spartanfrog Wrote:try running hldsupdatetool with verify_all.

how do i do that?
same as you installed the server only add -verify_all to the commandline.
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Drocona Wrote:same as you installed the server only add -verify_all to the commandline.

So it will look like this: HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -VERIFY_ALL -dir .
if you installed there, then yes
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