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HlstatsX Question - urgent
Hey all.
Trying to install hlstatsx for my css server. When adding my server info rcon password, server ip, port etc... it doesnt seem to get any live activity from the server. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like.

Any suggestions anyone?

PS: rcon password works fine in both the console and HLSW
Can people join your server?

if it's behind a router you have to forward ports.
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do you have full admin on the computer running HLstatsX?
Is the pearl daemon running?
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the server is operational, perl is running, yes i do have full admin rights.
run manually does it show connection to your server?
fqdn Wrote:run manually does it show connection to your server?

orudie@ubuntu:~/hlstatsx/perl$ sudo perl
[sudo] password for orudie:
2008-03-22 11:44:52: - HLSTATSX: HLstatsX 1.20 RC2 starting...
2008-03-22 11:44:52: - UDP: Opening UDP listen socket on port 27500 ... ok
2008-03-22 11:44:52: - MYSQL: Connecting to MySQL database 'hlstats' on 'localhost' as user 'hlstats' ... connected ok
2008-03-22 11:44:52: - MASTER: Masterserver address is
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - GLOBALSTATS: Global statsserver address is
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - HLSTATSX: Tracking Trend of the stats are enabled
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - HLSTATSX: Maximum Skill Change on all servers are 25 points
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - HLSTATSX: Minimum Skill Change on all servers are 2 points
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - HLSTATSX: Minimum Players Kills on all servers are 50 kills
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - HLSTATSX: Broadcasting public chat is disabled
2008-03-22 11:44:53: - HLSTATSX: HLstatsX is now running (Normal mode, debug level 1)
hlstats perl script listening on the correct port? and is the gameserver logging to the correct address: port?
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so is the master address supposed to be my server address and port 27050 ?
the installation tutorial didn't say anything about changing
BindIP ""
Port 27500

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