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Updating server and VAC
O.K first time using hldsupdtaetool everything went rather smoothly and the css server is working ok.

One question, I've been hosting with the "normal" version (made by valve) using the GUI and whenever there is an update it has a little window that pops up saying so. So all I have to do is close it, restart steam and ta-da!

With hldsupdatetool does it say when the server is out of date? And how do I update it?

Also, how do i enable VAC once its out? With the GUI all i have to do is check a little box.

And here is the a pic of the server telling me its out of date...

[Image: serveroutofdate.jpg]
you just do the same as you installed it with hldsupdatetool!
you know the -update -game blabla all that stuff

its simple (you just need to know this)
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