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Problem Mani Admin Plugin
Hello, well, my server srcds is perfect and even 100 tick, but the problem is the way admin plugin, I am going to the server and then I do "@menu" or if I type "menu" in the console and I say nothing, not even that I have not the right nothing, as if I wrote in a vacuum, so that is why I am asking for a little help.

Plz, respond me fast Smile

In french:
Bonjour, et bien, mon server srcds est tout parfait et meme 100 tick mais le probleme est le mani admin plugin, je vais sur le server et ensuite je fais"@menu" ou sinon je tape "menu" dans la console et il me dise rien, meme pas que je nai pas le droit rien, comme si j'écrivais dans le vide, alors, c'est pourquoi je demande un petit coup de main.

Silvouplait, reponder moi Smile
it's "@menu" in chat and "admin" in console, you should always get "not authorized to use that command" or "unknown command" or the menu pops up.
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make sure when u installed mani that you ran the createvdf and selected the game, or else mani won't be activated

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