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Slots on Windows versus Linux
Has anyone tried SRCDS on Linux and Windows on the same hardware and seen if each were able to hold the same amount of players?

Id like to know which is better because I have a dedicated server i'm trying to setup and want to know which OS to use. Money is not a problem because I already own a Windows 2003 license. Currently I have a linux server at home and SRCDS seems to crash on 10 slots @ 100 tick on ubuntu. On windows it works fine.
Not sure what one, but if you have a license for 2003 you would be a retard not to just use it. Smile
I am starting to like linux now that I know a bit more about it. In my mind I would say linux could maybe hold a bit more. Less of a hog then windows in my exp.
Same slots,

on average Linux uses a little less RAM than windows does, but increasing RAM won't increase your slots anyway.
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well Ram is imortant . The computer uses a little bit of its processor for the RAM. so less RAM is better. you may be able to host 1 more player if you use Linux. Depends on your linux as well. And windows uses more resources than Linux. Even worse in resource usage is windows vista.
System Error Message Wrote:The computer uses a little bit of its processor for the RAM. so less RAM is better.

Less RAM is NOT better. More ram wont help much, but it wont hurt.
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