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TF2 Server Randomy Changes Map, URGENT, PLEASE RESPOND
Hey everyone, i hope you can help me!

My server is called "The Legion" (cant remember the full name lol)

At the moment we are having one and only one problem.

The map rotation is

- Hydro
- 2Fort
- Gravel

When we are on 2fort everything works 100% with no problems.

When we are playing Hydro and Gravel, sometimes the map will change again half way through a map, it happends mostly if it says "Time has been added".

Maybe it is just a line in the server.cfg that i need to edit or something simple, if anyone has any ideas please please reply.

If you need any extra info just ask for it.

The only costom thing in the server really, is Mani_admin.

Please respond as people do become annoyed with the problem, it is a popular server and its full a lot.

I am not advertising it, but if you want to see the problem happen so that you can gather more info please go see it.


Thank you all for reading and please help me lol.

There is another problem actually lol:

When on 2fort, if the score is 2-0 and the time runs out, it will say "you failed stailmate" Why will it do this if the end score is 2-0 lol.

Add me on:

AIM - ComputerMaxD
Xfire - davida50000
And help me Toungue

Thank you Smile

- David[/color]
Might be mani acting up.
I hear mani is pretty bugged on the orangebox engine.

Try something else, like sourcemod, or something.
Already tried that. I had a feeling it was Mani so i removed it and tried again but i am still getting the same problem. Sad

I have put Mani back on now as i have figured that the problem is not coming from Mani.

Thanks for the quik responce though Brutal Smile

- David
I fixed the problem, i had a setting wrong in the server.cfg

Simple really Wink

Thanks aniways guys Smile
Mind telling us what it was....
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Yes, sorry Toungue

It was:


I had the numbers set to an odd number so it was restarting half way through a map lol.
Im havent been on here for a while but now im learning more with TF2 now, its all getting better and i even managed to hex edit the 2Fort map to get instant Respawn Toungue

GO ME!!!

Thank you all.


- David

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