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Not sure about what to get...
Once again I got my hands on some fancy hardware, this time its hard drives.
I have a bunch of Hitachi Ultrastar 10K300 73GB Fibre Channel (FC-AL 2Gb) hard drives. I am thinking about putting them in my server if they are suitable for my needs and if I can find a storage controller card that works with them. So far all the storage cards I have found are PCI 64Bit which is unless to me since I don't have a 64Bit PCI lane. The server has PCI-Ex16, PCI-Ex8, PCI-X, PCI 32Bit so the controller has to work with one of those. I have never used a Fibre Channel HDD before (Only PATA, SATA, and SCSI), and all the adapter cards seem to have no internal connectors for the hard drives, every connector is on the backplate which would make it rather hard to connect it to an internal hard drive. I'm not even sure if they are to be used for internal drives. This leads to the next question, is it suitable for running game servers on a 1U, or should I just stick to my 10K SCSIs?

I really don't want to use my SCSIs cause they are in my file server Toungue. Besides, I need to use the new HDDs on something Toungue

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