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a standard how to (gmod)
ok. so. i am new yes. and the forums do have how to's. however. i cant figure any of this out. there are no basics anywhere. its more of a here. look you can do this. or you can do this. but i dont know what either of those things DO. Im trying to install a g mod 10 server using ratboys m server. my friends have done it. but they are not always there to just start helping me. they have a life. lol.

what i would like to know is as follows:

i can get it installed and running using the mserver. its as easy as anything. but how do i add new maps. how do i add tools. how do i add some sort of admin stuff. how do i add new props. and yes "put it in the addon folder" is obvious. when there is an addon folder! i dont see one. and when i install it it automatically has the built in standard stuff as props. i want wire mod and life support tho. and what about the phx model pack.

another thing. this is a side note tho. what about bandwith??? how much bandwith for how many people??/

as you can see im very lost. i would love any sort of help. even a flippin google search would be nice. i want to learn this. but i cant find where to learn.
Hey scottyrabbit,

-New maps have to be dropped in the "maps" folder and then added to the maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt
-Most mods and stuff you download simply has to be extracted in the gmod folder, just make sure your read the readme.
-If the addons folder is not there, simply make it in the gmod folder, together with all the sound, material and map folders.

Bandwidth is something really hard to tell on GMod servers, it can be as low as 3KB/s or as high as 25KB/s per player (I think even higher now that it's on the Orange engine).

ULX admin plugin is pretty famous on GMod, maybe you should look that up
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Sweet. Thanks so much dude. That prety much gave me everything to google that ill need. and i have got my server up and going. I used ratboys mserver. it installed everything for me without a trouble, and its a lot easier for me considering it has a GUI. us noobs can greatly benifit from it. and as it turns out.... the addons folder was in the folder titled orangbox. i thought it was orange box content. lol. so now i have mainly everything i need.

however considering the my upload rate at max is 40. i think ill be upgrading my net. or just limiting two my 3 or 4 friends at a time. The server was mainly for me anyways. lol

thanks again for the help!!

*i was able to get everything going.... and it works so nicely for me!!! i dont know how soon or how late it will actually be up on the net. but i think itll happen. lol
Alright that's great, have fun with the server, if you need any more help just drop a message.
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