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I'll cut to the chase right away.

Me and my friends wants to make our own Counter Strike Source warserver.
We already have a decent set of hardware.
Right now it is a P4 3.2 ghz, single core and 1024mb ram. If that's not enough we can always get 2048mb ram.

We're planning on using windows, because I'm the only one with any history of Linux and I live 50miles+ from them. But if Linux is so much better I will make them install that and use VNC so I can operate from my home.

Anyways, will our hardware be enough to run a warserver for 11players?
100tic with a oneslot SourceTV?
Connection is 100/10 and should be efficient, right?

Third option would be to buy an used s775dualcore and 2gb DDR2 ram and we'll use my server. But that's the last option and we'll don't want to spend that much for it.
The hardware seems good to me...
As for your connection... that sounds like you are just quoting the type of nic/router you are using. You need to test your upload a bandwidth tester. I personally use This One. If you are on a Comcast connection it will show up much higher then is really is due to Comcast trickery (aka power boost). So on a Comcast connection upload a 15MB file somewhere and watch your average upload speed (it will drop down after a min or 2)
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Nah, his connection is 100/10. 99.9 Percent sure about that.
But I will tell him to check his connection so we know the upload for sure.

I live in Sweden so we don't get comcast.

Sweden has good connections, I believe you have 100/10, since most of sweden is one big LAN connected to the WAN at the same time.

The hardware will do for sure, shouldn't be any problem at all running that.
Windows works better (for me) with SRCDS, just be sure you get a good VNC client (like UltraVNC, cause the free VNC server has some security issues)
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100/10 0_o
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Drocona Wrote:... just be sure you get a good VNC client (like UltraVNC, cause the free VNC server has some security issues)

Some security issues? Try a whole whack of em Wink

If you use linux just install the FreeNX package. I believe the line for it is
yum install nx freenx
Look online for tutorials on how to configure it if you use it

Spartanfrog Wrote:100/10 0_o

I think they mean 100down/10up MBit most likely.
We'll probably go with Windows since I have no free time to fix linux etc.

But we're suffering some issues with our router and my friends ISP, a common failure with that combination actually. Weird thing it worked 8months ago when we had our dods server up for a week.

And yes, I will be using the UltraVNC, using that program at home and I've grown attached to it.

About the 100/10, yes it's 100/10 mbit. Quite common in Sweden, even though I have the worst ISP since the introduction of the intrawebzzz.
I pay for 24mbit, I was promised atleast 15mbit but they said I should be getting 20mbit. In reality I get out 10-11mbit and my ping to Swedishservers is horrid, 50ms+.
Enough about nothing.

I'll be back if I run into any problems which I can't solve by using google.

Thanks for your time in this matter.

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