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win32 SRCDS network problems
Hey Folks,

Recently i have configured and have been running a source dedicated server on a 'workhorse' machine on my LAN. It's a simple network, which i'll illustrate here [my WAN ip i have substituted with x's]

INTERNET ->[Modem]-> Main Computer ( ->[100mbit crossover]-> Workhorse. (

The maincomputer is using the windows XP ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) as its NAT, and it has been configured correctly for operation of said source DS to work over the internet, by forwarding UDP port 27015.

This works good, my server is registered by steam and people can join and play, each with about 30-90 ping on average. Quite content with that.

The issue here is, my 'main computer' experiances horrible lag while viewing/attempting to join/playing on this host. This is a unique problem to this computer alone with the host running on my LAN, External players have no problem with the host... just me. To describe the problem, while viewing the server in the server browser, it 'randomly' switches between 5-40 ping and then '2000' and then <not responding> and then back to normal again. Joining the server takes forever, and when it finally lets me join, all my game seems to of recieved is a list of players, the MOTD often does not load - the team selection does not appear, and there is apparently no game 'visually' playing [no data being sent!?], even though i can see 8-9 people happily fragging each other from the console feedback on my workhorse machine. Looking at my netgraph, my loss & choke is waaay up in the 50-90's, 100-999ms Ping on netgraph '5' ping on scoreboard, truly horrible lol.

Yes, i am running a firewall [zonealarm]. UDP port 27015 is unfiltered. the executable HL2.EXE has network access. Local network is in 'trusted' mode.

More details to help those who can help... Toungue

- srcds.exe 'status' displays my machine as
- srcds.exe 'status' displays my ping as '5'
- srcds.exe 'status' displays its own UDP IP as
- Again, unique to my machine only. Server works properly.

This is an awkward problem, any help will be greatly appriciated.



Ok, this is wierd.

After steam has attempted to play on the server, the entire network i found to have been ground to a halt. After an attempt to join/play - it takes windows 29.4 seconds to index/count the files in the Source server folder.

If i Reset The NIC (pull out the lead/plug it in again) or disable the port forwarding after game [or obviously, if i dont try and join at all], it takes windows 2.3 seconds to index the same folder.

... what the hell is going on? lol.

Someone help Smile


your home gateway (your main computer) is just too busy sending/routing all the info to the server computer.

how to fix this:
-run srcds on the main computer so you dont have to forward anything and is directly connected to the internet
-run the client game on your "workhorse" computer

ps: why would you run the server on a lan and play on the main computer... i'm confused
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Neither solutions are very useful, although i will grant they are solutions.

The first solution is no good because I can't run the host on my main machine because it uses to much CPU to play at the same time on this computer and hold my clients up with good ping.

The second solution (and to remove any confusion) is no good because the client computer has No 3D hardware. At all. Not a sausage. And its slower. [but it does have barrel loads of RAM in it, making it an ideal system to use as my host.]

I can host on my local machine, and have been doing as a compromise until this is fixed, but i can only hold 8 clients up before she' canne take it no more captain and my in-game FPS flops to a misrable 4-10. Of course, if im not trying to play, this machine can hold 16 with no problem. So can my other machine... although... i cant join that at all. I just want my other computer to run the host, is that so much to ask?

[i guess with windows, it is]

I agree that the gateway is to blame, but.. i dont think its too busy. Too busy would lag my clients, and my clients are fine. Just me. No matter how many people are on the host.

Thanks for your help anyway though i guess.

i hope you'l figure it out somehow good luck
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Free to join, Live support! (When available)
Thanks man.

Formatted serving machine, fresh copy of XP SP2 installed. Created dedicated windows user account for serving which is clean, no shell (explorer.exe), minimal support services, no background applications.

This resolved my problem... my computer could connect fine straight away, no modifications made to it.

Smile yay.



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