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Rcon commands.. not registering?
I'm running a TF2 server on Linux (CentOS).

If I type rcon commands, the variables seem to update, but nothing happens?

For example if I type the recently released mp_tournament 1 or 0, nothing happens.. though it stores the variable and when I change map, tournament UI comes up (or doesn't if set to 0).

Same with team balance.. if I turn the team balance off (so that everyone can join red, for example), the variable changes (rcon teambalance or whatever, it comes up saying "1") but people still can't join because the teambalance is on.

I can exec a config (league configs etc) and have the same problem with certain variables, but most seem to work.

Really bizarre :s

Thanks in advance.
No ideas gents?
Some CVars need a server restart or mapchange to take effect.
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Heh indeed... Smile

It isn't that though chuck.

mp_tournament for example, the new variable. My mate on his box can do mp_tournament 1 and have the tourney UI appear.. then mp_tournament 0 and it'll disappear. He can change mp_timelimit to 45 and the tourney UI will update. I can't do that - I have to set mp_tournament to 1 then change the map for the UI to appear, same with timelimit - has to be set on the previous map.. so I'm not even sure if that works TBH.

Same applies with the tourney UI's teams.. the server only updates the team names the map AFTER you set them.

Same with the team balance variable.. mp_autoteambalance 1.. change it to 0 and it makes no difference, though when I then type "rcon mp_autoteambalance", the server will suggest it's set to 0.

Starting to get rather frustratng.. Smile
Still having the same problem.

I can't change mp_allowspectators from 0 to 1 mid-game, can't change game variables (timelimit etc) when tournament UI is running and so on.

Really frustrating - effectively means I can't use the server as a public server and a match server, only one or the other.

Any ideas gents?

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