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Help with bad performance

Been reading around on this forum and there is much good info ... But it really starts to make me wonder what we are doing wrong with our servers ...

We have a few machines running CSS srcds on win2k servers

One of the machines has a Xeon DualCore 3.2 GHz and 2GB ram

We have set up 2 CSS srcds on this machine and dedicated each instance to it's own core using firedaemon. servers are running 66 tick. Our problem is that we get FPS drops when we have the two servers full and it's only 16 slots each = 32 slots ...

And I read about other questions about how many slots a dual core processors should maintain and some say up to 100 or more ...

So ... what are we do wrong here?

Oh yes ... badwidth ... we have our servers at on ISP using thei backbone ... and they dont limit our ul/dl or traffic volume ... so that should NOT be an issue here ...

We de run some plugins through sourcemod but what I read about sourcemod, that should not be a huge resource hog.

I would be greatful for input on this ... and let me know if you need more information to be able to give a good answer ...

Thanks in advance ...
Also ... We experience that the registration of hits is very weird now and then ...
On client maching you see hits and blod ... but when you die you have not hit a shot ...

This happens for many different players ...
Sorry but it sound slike you have a "bad" Xeon. Some Xeons have just hated srcds lately. Seems like you got the short straw :/.
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Bad Xeons ... hrm ... Strange in my ears but hrm ...

So ... which processors does srcds like?! Like for sure Wink
I've never seen problems with the Core 2 Duo's and Core 2 Quads yet.

We really don't know what's causing the problems, just not explainable in a logic way :S
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Thanx for the replies ...

No logic in processors Wink And all that runs through them are ones and zeros Wink

If I have to accept that we have a "bad" xeon ... Then let me refrase my question ...

The server is a dell poweredge 1850 and it to my knowledge only support the socket 771 which is the xeon processor... What is the chance of buying another "bad" xeon replacing this one ... and is there a xeon that is known to be less bad than others?

Throw away the server ... or find a good Xeon Wink

Is there a way to test the processor and see the faults?
Oh yeah ... why not a "What if" question ...

What if I had a good xeon dual-core 3.2GHz ...
Given the unlimited bandwidth ... How many 100 tick 16 slots servers could I run with nice result :p
Lets scrap this thread Wink Thanks for the input though ...
Created a much more interesting question in another one ..

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