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TF2: Disable Screenshot upon death
I was just curios if anyone has found a way to disable the snapshot that is presented to a client in Teamfortress 2 upon their death. This snapshot is of the last thing they saw before their demise. I've noticed some servers have it disabled and was wondering if anyone has found a way to do so. Thanks.

I still haven't found anything on this. I talked to a server admin who was running a server with this "Death Snapshot" turned off. He said he had never noticed this and had not done anything to configure the server to disable this feature. If anyone has configured their server to work in this way I'd appreciate any help you can provide me with.

To clarify what I'm talking about, those of you who play TF2 have probably noticed that, on most servers, you are presented with a screenshot when you die of the person who killed you. This screenshot shows bits and pieces of your body and the person who killed you. It can display some pretty funny images however, I have recieved complaints from some that it gives away their position / heading as well as, in the spy's case, their new disguise. I personally don't care if someone knows where I am but I figured I would disable it anyway to resolve the complaints.

Thanks for your time in reading this question and I hope to find some sort of a solution.

I know what you mean, however I have no idea what causes it to disappear.

Maybe you can as one of the server admins that don't have it their server.cfg's and see if you can find anything in there?
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