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2 Questions: 1 )FPS, and 2)Number of players.
Hi guys,

2 questions

1) Is my server FPS abnormally low?
I've been reading through some of the threads here and noticed that you guys are getting ~500fps on your ded. servers.

My console shows only 64 FPS when the DS is running. Is there something i have configured incorrectly?

2) Will my connection support more players?
My cable internet connection only allows me (EDIT: not 128k, but) 256k upstream. I initially set up the server with 4 players (referencing a table I found recommending svmaxrate for # players at x connection speed).

I've recently set up CTF on the server, and want to run WAN games with at least 6 players.

System details as folllows:
I'm running HL2 DM with mani admin plugin on a windows server.

Server: Dual CPU P3 900MHz Server with 2GB ram.
sv_maxrate 8000, and
sv_minrate 6000 (I think).
tickrate 33
players 4-5 (but i'd like 6+)
sv_lan 0

cable internet connection with only 256k upstream

Thanks in advance for any help Smile
1) 64 FPS is normal for a gameserver, to boost it to 512, use the srcdsffsboost.exe or simple run windows media player in the background.

2) For 6+ players you'll need 512kbps and higher
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Thanks for the quick reply. I'll grab fpsboost tonight Smile

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