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hey i got a sv_download url and i have written a .htacces file so that the maps can only be downloaded by my server. BUT whenever i try to download a file from the sv_download url with ie to my server it says that im not allowed so i got two questions
1. will i still be able to dl files from the sv_download url using that command in game?
2. if not how can i fix this? Australian Shared, Reseller, VPS Hosting :: index of game server providers
can someone please help me with this? Australian Shared, Reseller, VPS Hosting :: index of game server providers
uhh, why are you trying to protect the dir with .htaccess? Firstly, for people to be able to download those files they'll need to know the IP/URL that you are using to host the files. Secondly they will need to know the exact file name to download them, unless they try to grab the entire directory. Just dissable directory listing on the folder which contains the files.
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It's very easy for people to get your downloadurl setting. They just enter a server, type sv_downloadurl in the console, and there it is...the server's sv_downloadurl setting. I've had people in the past use my redirect for their servers (review your logs) without my permission.

What did you enter in your.htaccess file? If you are controlling based on referrer or browser type, you won't be able to download it via ie.
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ok i am new to seting up a css server. i used hldsupdatetool to install the main server files. then i used Counter-Strike Evolution Source 4.6 to install the mods. i am having truble seting up the sv_downloadurl... i am trying to figer out how to use bzip... so my question is how do u set up bzip?
Look at my tutorial in teh tutorials section on sv_downloadurl, it explains how to do .bzip a bit.
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