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Hey I have tried to understand this port forwarding. I am trying to do it with my ZoneAlarm Firewall. Yet i don't get it. Like 27000-27020 (or something like that) do you have to put ALL ports between those 2 #s? can someone help me? Greatyl appreciated!Shy
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yep, its a port range so 1-50 means 50 different ports. i.e all those inbetween Gaming Servers
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thank you for the reply i am going to try it right now. But if I open the port on my firewall, will i still have to open it on my router
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yeah it first goes to your router, router forwards it to your computer if you opened the ports, the it will arrive at yer pc and bump into your firewall (unless you opened the ports ofcourse)

thats pretty much how it works
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